PI's of successful proposals are invited to monitor the TNG web pages ( or to contact the TNG Director ( to learn about the scheduling of their observations.  PI's of the proposals for which time could not be allocated will receive in few weeks a brief report on the evaluation of their proposal(s).

Statistical info about requested time are displayed here for total requested time, and instrument requested time.

AOT13 successful proposals:
Id. Cat. PI Title Hours Instrument
11 C AlbertoCellino Adaptive Optics Observations of Main Belt Asteroids 18.00 adopt
28 D AlfioBonanno Asteroseismology of solar-type stars: mu Her 54.00 sarg
38 A AndreaBiviano The accelerated evolution of galaxies in the outskirts of galaxy clusters 18.00 mos
57 B BarbaraBalmaverde Active Galactic Nuclei in nearby galaxies: a new view of the origin of the radio-quiet/radio-loud dichotomy? 18.00 dolores
42 C C.Barbieri High Resolution Spectroscopy of the Na exosphere of Mercury 8.00 sarg
23 B D.Bettoni The Core Fundamental Plane of Radio Galaxies 35.00 dolores
16 B DarioTrevese Investigating the Nature of Low Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei (LLAGN) 43.00 dolores+whfp
12 C Dr.RichardJameson Brown dwarfs, ultracool subdwarfs, and black dwarfs discovered by the UKIDSS Large Area Survey 18.00 nics
50 C Dr.S.J.Fossey The interstellar C12/C13 ratio and the diffuse interstellar bands 18.00 sarg
66 A ElenaD'Onghia A test for the CDM theory: the galaxy luminosity function for a fossil group from deep spectroscopy 18.00 mos
65 A F.LaFranca Looking for Spitzer selected obscured AGN 36.00 nics
15 C F.Leone Tomography of 10,Aql: simultaneous space and ground observations 36.00 sarg
64 C FabrizioMassi NIR imaging and spectroscopy of a newly-discovered site of triggered star formation in IC1396A 18.00 nics
43 B G.Cresci Nuclear star formation in quasars with adaptive optics assisted spectroscopy 22.50 adopt
46 C GianPaoloTozzi Study of solid state components in the coma of split comet73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 18.00 dolores+nics
3 C GiuseppinaMicela The Initial Mass Function in the Outer Galaxy: The star forming region NGC 1893 22.00 dolores+nics
59 C IsabellaPagano Investigating magnetic activity induced by star-planet interaction 27.00 sarg
7 B L.Cortese Witnessing the transformation of a dwarf irregular galaxy in the Virgo cluster. 5.50 dolores+mos
71 B L.K.Hunt Adaptive Optics observations of a nearby metal-poor star-forming dwarf galaxy 16.00 nics
31 D L.Zampieri Linking core collapse supernovae to their progenitors 30.00 dolores+nics
27 D LucaDiFabrizio Photometry of two Anticenter Open Clusters as probes of the metallicity distribution in the Galactic Disk 7.00 oig
67 C LucaDiFabrizio An observational test of planet migration models 41.00 sarg
10 C M.Lazzarin SINEO: Spectroscopic Investigation of Near-Earth Objects 36.00 dolores+nics
68 D ManuelaZoccali Kinematics and abundances of local HBA stars & halo substructure 21.00 sarg
13 B MicheleBellazzini A large survey of the Sagittarius Stream: photometric calibration 18.00 dolores
77 D NicolaMasetti Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Swift era: a powerful tool toinvestigate the Universe 50.00 oig+dolores+sarg+nics
44 D P.Bonifacio The ultra-metal-poor end of the lithium plateau 18.00 sarg
56 A R.Gilli Tracing an AGN cosmic filament at z=0.3 4.00 mos
22 C RaffaeleGratton Search for extrasolar planets around stars in wide binaries 72.00 sarg
78 D RichardSmart Parallaxes of sub-luminous L and T dwarfs 13.00 nics
61 C RobertoSilvotti First planet candidate around an evolved star 14.00 dolores
55 C ROUSSELOTPhilippe Spectroscopic study of the main fragment of the comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 9.00 sarg
45 D S.Benetti Sampling the SNIa diversity to support the Cosmology 18.00 dolores
14 B S.Bianchi The dust distribution in edge-on galaxies 18.00 dolores+nics
54 D S.Desidera Adaptive optics search for low mass companions around stars with radial velocity linear trends 21.00 adopt
76 D S.Zaggia Hunting For Disrupted Cores Of Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies In The External Milky Way Halo 9.00 whfp
8 A SandroBardelli Detailed merging dynamics of A2061: creating schoks and radio relics 9.00 whfp
25 C SoniaFornasier Physical characterization of the planetary sized trans-neptunians 2005 FY9 and 2003 EL61 9.00 dolores
51 B StefanoZibetti The post-starburst dE galaxy VCC,1499: a test case for stellar population and galaxy evolution models 18.00 dolores+nics
73 D V.Ripepi The star formation history of Ursa Minor dwarf galaxy from its variable star populations 27.00 dolores+nics